Sunday, April 3, 2011

Books of the Week: Twisted Journeys, The World of Quest, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, My Neighbor Totoro

Here are our favorites from the past week:

Tintin, age 8

Twisted Journeys 4: The Treasure of Mount Fate
Author/illustrator: Jeff Limke/Clint Hilinski
Publisher: Graphic Universe (August 2007)
Source: Public library

The Treasure of Mount Fate is a choose-your-own-adventure graphic novel. You, the reader, are a hero in training who seeks the treasure rumored to be hidden inside Mount Fate. While on your adventure, depending on which path you choose, you meet dragons, spiders, a wizard locked inside a room for 900 years, stone soldiers, flesh-eating ooze, a genie, skeleton warriors, a water sprite, goblins, hairy beasts, and a sea serpent. I think that might be all. Tintin's already found the treasure, but he still has several more adventures to go.

Tintin's note: It was great. I liked it because it was an adventure book.

Find it: Amazon, IndieBound

The World of Quest, Vol. 2
Author/illustrator: Jason T. Kruse
Publisher: Yen Press (December 2008)
Source: Public library

Prince Nestor and his bodyguard, Quest, are on their way to the wise and boring Rocks to find information on the Dagger of the Way. To get there they must travel through a dangerous forest (a warning sign at the entrance says, "Remember: Limbs are a privilege") and fight off the Snarls sent by the evil Lord Spite. Along the way, Nestor and Quest become separated and Nestor meets a griffin who makes him sign an agreement to pay before he'll help. The graphic novel ends on a cliffhanger.

Tintin's note: I liked when Quest got punched by a hand because it was silly.

Find it: Amazon, IndieBound

Johnny Boo, age 5

A Sick Day for Amos McGee
Author/illustrator: Philip C. Stead/Erin E. Stead
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press (May 2010)
Source: Public library

Amos McGee works at a zoo and befriends some of the animals there. He plays chess with the elephant, sits with the shy penguin, and reads to the owl, who is afraid of the dark. When Amos has to stay home and tend to his cold, he gets a surprise visit from his animal friends. The elephant plays chess with him, the shy penguin sits with him and keeps his feet warm, the owl reads to him, and the rest do their part to take care of him. The award-winning illustrations include recurring details throughout – the red balloon that catches up with the penguin, Amos's teddy bear and bunny slippers, and the little mouse and bird – that Johnny Boo liked to point out.

Johnny Boo's note: It was great. I like when he said, "Hooray! My good friends are here!"

Find it: Amazon, IndieBound
My Neighbor Totoro, Vols. 1-4
Author/illustrator: Hayao Miyazaki
Publisher: Viz Media (November 2004–February 2005)
Source: Public library

Move over, Lucy Pevensie. Johnny Boo's new crush is 4-year-old Mei. Mei and her older sister, Satsuki, move to the country with their father to be closer to their hospitalized mother. They move into a house haunted by soot sprites and soon find the friendly and magical Totoro. The books, which read from right to left, consist of stills from the movie and minimal text. These books have been carried around and read every day this past week.

Johnny Boo's note: I like the Totoro books because they're good and awesome. I liked when the soot sprites were on Mei.

Find them: Amazon (1, 2, 3, 4), IndieBound (1, 2, 3, 4)


Julie P. said...

Great roundup as usual! I really want to take a peek at A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE. I think my son would like the adventure books though!

Raising a Happy Child said...

A Sick Day was well received in our house even though it didn't make to the "famous 4". I love looking at your book choices. Thank you for joining WMCIR!