Saturday, September 4, 2010

Books of the Week – September 4, 2010

Here are our favorites from the past week:

Tintin, age 7

Dragon Slayers' Academy 3: Class Trip to the Cave of Doom
Author/illustrator: Kate McMullan/Bill Basso

Wiglaf and his classmates search for dragon's gold in this exciting adventure book, number three in one of Tintin's favorite series. Tintin finished this one in two days and even got up early on a school morning to read it.

Check out the list of Dragon Slayers' Academy books at Kidsreads.

Scaredy Squirrel at Night
Author/illustrator: Mélanie Watt

The best part of this book is its cover. After finding out that Scaredy Squirrel's teeth glow in the dark, Tintin hid in the dark pantry with his brother* for about 20 minutes giggling. Of course, the rest of the book, about a squirrel who plans to stay up all night to avoid nightmares, is great too.

* I know the 4-year-old was laughing, but he later told me the glow-in-the-dark teeth scared him. He said, "I wasn't laughing; that was just my teeth chattering."

More Scaredy Squirrel

Johnny Boo, age 4

Do Not Open This Book!
Author/illustrator: Michaela Muntean/Pascal Lemaitre

Much like Grover in The Monster at the End of This Book, the pig in Do Not Open This Book tries to prevent the reader from turning to the next page. This book, about a pig trying to write a book, got lots of laughs, especially when Johnny Boo had to enter his (and my) name in the blanks for the pig's story about a giant pest. Johnny Boo loved all the words the pig kept hidden away for the book he was creating, and was inspired to write his own book with the word "ferocious" in it.

The Happy Hocky Family
Author/illustrator: Lane Smith

A parody of Dick and Jane-type easy readers, this book is entertaining for both children and their parents. Not only did Johnny Boo think this book was funny, but he also learned from Baby Hocky to look on the bright side the next time he finds himself with a popped balloon.

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    Brimful Curiosities said...

    We love Scaredy Squirrel but we haven't read this one with the glowing cover! Fun!

    Fill in the blanks in Do Not Open This Book? I bet my daughter would love it.

    Janet said...

    I'm just now catching up on last weeks SITS comments. You have a great blog! I love that the reviews come from your children's points of view.

    An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

    I loved There's a Monster at the End of This Book, when I was little, I bet my kids would enjoy Do Not Open This Book, too!

    Debbie said...

    Do Not Open This Book has my curiosity. I have to look for it.

    April said...

    I am laughing about him saying that his teeth were chattering. Kids say some funny things.

    Raising a Happy Child said...

    Thanks for joining WMCIR! I keep hearing about Scaredy Squirrel series - I just must look for it. I find Happy Hocky Family intriguing too.