Sunday, October 3, 2010

Straight Hair, Curly Hair – A Kid's Review

Review by Tintin, age 7

Straight Hair, Curly Hair
Author/illustrator: Augusta Goldin/Ed Emberley

Straight Hair, Curly Hair is about long hair, curly hair, different kinds of hair. There are different shapes of follicles that tell you if your hair is straight, curly and wavy. I liked this book because it has my color hair in it and it has curly hair in it. My favorite part is when the person's hair got wet and she made a frown. I would recommend this book to kids who like to experiment with hair.

LitLass's notes:  Speaking of experimenting with hair, the following is what reminded me of this book:

The good thing about having one boy with straight hair and the other with curly hair is that you can always tell which one has cut his hair. Unfortunately, it was both of them this time.

Here is Tyg (from the 1982-1985 Shirt Tales cartoon) modeling with one of our hair experiments. In this one we've taped one end of a piece of hair to a paintbrush and the other end to a closet rod to show that a hair in good condition is strong enough to support two ounces of weight:

And here we get a little more scientific by proving that straight hair gets straighter with moisture and curly hair gets curlier. Here is our before picture:

Our during picture:

And, finally, our after picture:

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Debbie said...

Oh what fun! I love the pictures of the boys having a blast with this experiment!

Christy said...

Great pictures! Fun experiment too!

Mom and Dad said...

We wonder who thought up this experiment?

Very cute!

Ticia said...

What fun experiments! I would never have thought to try and show how strong my hair is.

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

Thanks for participating in NonFiction Monday!

Those are some very cute kids you've got there!