Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad App Review: The Three Little Pigs

 Review by Johnny Boo, age 5


The Three Little Pigs
App developer: Nosy Crow
Price: $7.99 ($1.99 till end-of-day March 3); free lite version
Requirements: Compatible with iPad (will soon be available for iPhone and iPod Touch)

The Three Little Pigs is about a wolf coming in the neighborhood. The pigs were building their houses. And then the wolf couldn't blow down the brick house. I like The Three Little Pigs because it's good and wondrous and wonderful. I like when the wolf hides against the pigs' house in the very beginning. I like to flick the van up. I would recommend this app to kids who like little pigs and kids who are wolves for Halloween.

LitLass's note: I don't think my boys will ever tire of this app. They are of course familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs, but they've never seen it like this. They can touch the pigs to make them talk, jump or spin; flick the wolf's van to make it jump or flip over (their favorite part); help the pigs build their houses; and help the wolf blow the houses down by blowing into the microphone. They can also tilt the iPad to see more of the scene and zoom in to reveal hidden details. Everything about this app (Nosy Crow's first, by the way) is, as Johnny Boo says, wondrous.

The Three Little Pigs is the first of at least four fairy tale apps from Nosy Crow. The others are Cinderella (summer 2010), Little Red Riding Hood (autumn 2011), and Goldilocks (early 2012). 

March 3 is World Book Day! To celebrate, Nosy Crow is dropping the price of The Three Little Pigs to $1.99 in the U.S. (£1.19 and 1.59 Euros) for one day only. 

Find it: full version, lite version

Disclosure: We received a promo code for this app from Nosy Crow at no cost in exchange for this review.

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