Monday, December 13, 2010

The Eyeball Tower

Sometimes sibling jealousy can be a good thing, like when the younger brother sees the older brother taking "writing classes" from Dad.

So recently we began having Johnny Boo dictate stories to us. He can write on his own, but dictating helps him focus on his ideas rather than on whether he's spelling correctly.

Here are the results of our latest dictation, a story by Johnny Boo, age 4:

Once the Eyeball Tower was alone and he didn't have any friends. 'Cause he had eyeballs all over him. And he had snot in his nose. The Eyeball Tower doesn't have any friends because it's not real.

It doesn't do anything fun. It just stays where it is. It has buttons.

The Eyeball Tower turned into the Eiffel Tower because it took potions. It plays every game at the carnival. It has Eiffel Tower friends that look like babies.

The End

For another story by Johnny Boo, see The Little Tiny Mouse over at Mother Is Not Concerned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this little story! Who but a child could think of writing a story about a friendless eyeball-covered tower that takes potions!