Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marco and the Ape King

A story by Tintin, age 7

Chapter 1: All About Marco

Marco is 10 years old. He lives in a green house in Italy. He has a mother and father and a brother named Jon. They are a nice family. They have a little green house.

Marco is a big boy. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he is fat! His favorite color is black. He is good at eating. He likes to eat Poppies cereal and he dislikes soup and raisins. His friend is named Myron.

Chapter 2: Marco Goes to South Africa

Marco goes to the airport and gets on the plane to South Africa. It takes eight hours to get there. Once they are there they go to a hotel. They slept there for one day. Then they started their adventure.

Chapter 3: The Ape Ninjas

They went through the jungle until they heard a "hee hee" sound. Ape ninjas were all around. Then they were captured by the ninjas. They were brought to the ape castle. The ape king put them in prison.

Chapter 4: Ape Prison

The bars were too thick to talk to other people. It was dark and scary. There were eight skeletons. It smelled awful!

Marco was crying because he missed his brother and his mom and dad. Marco wished someone would save him.

Chapter 5: Mr. Squirrel

There was a "squeak squeak" sound. There was a squirrel. He said his name was Mr. Squirrel. He chewed on the bars so they could escape the prison. They went back to the airport. They finally returned home.

The End

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