Monday, February 21, 2011

Marco and the Silver Moon Crystal

A story by Tintin, age 8

Chapter 1: At the House

Once upon a time there was a 10-year-old boy with his 13-year-old brother. Their names were Marco and John. They were ready for another adventure. Then they took the airplane to Russia. It was a long ride and it made Marco feel bored. Then they were there. He was happy because he got to go on a spaceship.

Chapter 2: The Spaceship

Marco and John finally got to the spaceship. It was heavy and loud. Then they got on their space equipment so they could breathe. After that they got on the moon and it was cool. Marco was excited to be on the moon. Sergeant Bob, the captain of the spaceship, said to watch out for the underground city of moon people.

Chapter 3: The Underground City

Marco and John were walking around when they plummeted down a hole to the underground city. The boys felt scared, and then they hit their heads. When they woke up they were in an ancient tomb. There was a huge treasure room. Then something happened.

Chapter 4: The Three Basilisks

There was a ssssssssss noise. There were three basilisks. Marco was frightened because the basilisks were fighting him. Then Marco remembered his sword. He killed all the basilisks. Marco was feeling brave.

Chapter 5: The Silver Moon Crystal

Marco tried to open the treasure, but it was locked. Then Marco saw a golden key lying on the floor. He unlocked the box and saw the silver moon crystal. The crystal was enormous and shiny. Marco took the crystal out, and he was overjoyed.

Chapter 6: Going Home

They went home and rested. They were happy they had a crystal.

The End

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