Saturday, February 5, 2011

Word of the Day: February 5 (The Odious Ogre)

It's day 3 of our Word of the Day feature here at LitLad. Here's how it works: The boys and I choose a different book every day and they pick a word from it for which they don't know the meaning. They each write the word at night and the next day we try to use it in conversation as much as we can.

Today's word is indefatigable, an adjective meaning "able to continue for a very long time without becoming tired" and which I suspect will be used right before the boys' next bedtime.

And we're reading The Odious Ogre, in which Ogre explains that one of the reasons he's got such a fearful reputation is that he's indefatigable.

The Odious Ogre
Author/illustrator: Norton Juster/Jules Feiffer
Publisher: Michael di Capua Books (September 2010)
Source: Public library

Almost everyone is afraid of Ogre. Besides being indefatigable, he's invulnerable, impregnable, insuperable and insurmountable, all words he learned from the dictionary he swallowed while consuming a librarian. While out for a walk, however, Ogre comes across a girl whose kindness confuses him so much that he doesn't quite know how to react.

A couple of books to go along with The Odious Ogre:

A couple of activities to go along with the book: an ogre dot-to-dot and how to draw an ogre.

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Playing by the book said...

What a great word! I shall definitely make a point of using it today :-)

Booksnyc said...

I was impressed by the vocab in this book - it kept my nephew interested and he learned many new words!